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60 million years ago, four groups of people lived on this earth and only the homo sapiens survived...

Do you know why ?

“Modern” man not only possessed an ability to adapt easily, he also possessed another undeniable talent that helped him overtake other species, namely the mastery of symbolic art. This capacity suggests a real sharing of information, rather than keeping their knowledge to themselves, as the different cultural groups of the many regions could exchange their knowledge, which made it possible to bring the different groups together (socialization). For modern man, the exchange of information has also been crucial for his personal success and survival. With this process, each new technique or idea became immortal by being transmitted from generation to generation...

Today, the landscape of the professional world no longer corresponds to the values that allowed us to “survive”. The current world is made of “appearances”, of individualism and of self-centered egos. Digitization is fabulous, but the human being is even more so. It is therefore urgent to give it a central place and to find a sociable professional world, promoting individual well-being for a harmonious collective experience.

The current world of work must wake up ! At the same time as it decreases its carbon footprint, it must increase its human footprint® for a future that corresponds to us, the Humans!

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